Property Management Solutions in Regina, SK

Renting out a property involves more than just giving the keys to a tenant and collecting rent every
month. At GEM Property Management & Development in Regina, SK, we take care of the hard parts of property
management for you.


Although rent collection is a big part of accounting in rental properties, it is not the only task. We will also pay vendors for you and produce monthly financial statements so that you have an accurate record of your property's cash flow.

We'll handle any outstanding accounts receivable and process all accounts payable as well as handling leasing in its entirety.

Property Maintenance

As the property owner, you are required to keep your properties maintained and habitable. But at GEM Property Management & Development, we can keep you in compliance without you lifting a finger. From debris removal and parking control to repairs and renovations, we'll take care of the property as if it were our own, and we'll take care of the insurance needs as well.

We'll schedule regular lawn, garden, and snow removal services in their seasons and get needed pest control year-round. We'll hire cleaning, waste removal, and other necessary maintenance contractors, and we make ourselves available for 24-hour emergency service and support. We'll inspect, report on, and follow up about any work we do as we keep your rentals running smoothly.

Administrative Functions

In addition to our other functions, we will stay on top of the administrative aspects of property management. We'll keep tenant information secure, maintain corporation files, enforce rules, carry out necessary evictions, and perform property checks.

We'll also prepare welcome packages with any relevant building information for new tenants and handle all communication with tenants, contractors, and employees.

If you're ready to enjoy a passive income rather than a hands-on rental project, contact our team for property management solutions.

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